Automotive Call Tracking


In the last decade the automotive industry has changed dramatically. The prospect telephone call is being tracked, analyzed, and scrutinized every day. With the majority of your leads beginning on the internet, how do you know what generated the prospect’s interest? What Search Engine did he use, what Keyword did he type, what web pages did he like, and how can I sell him a car today!

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Outbound Call Tracking


20,000 calls a month is the norm nowadays in high-performing dealerships. Fourteen stores tipped this mark in April, 2011. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of top performing dealerships are included in this count (nine out of the top 13 dealerships went over this mark), and the average outbound calls made by this top tier was just over 30k, with a high of 58,594.

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Search Engine Marketing

Performanced-Based Ads

Perhaps you’ve tried placing ads in the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing yourself? Or, perhaps you’ve paid an advertising agency to place these ads for you with limited or even unmeasurable results. We actually run into this quite often. Our model, while not unique, takes a different approach to advertising vehicles online. We want you to PAY LESS!

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